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Applications Of Clinical Hypnosis In Daily Life!

By Ther°al L. Bynum, M.D.
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The Mÿth Mÿth

Hypnosis in
The Human Unconscious

The Bynum Scale

Hûman Brain's
The Nerves

The Human Mïnd
Mental Factors
& Facts

of the
The Hidden Observer
Hûman Psychè

The Neuro-
Human Ideodynamics
Basis For Hypnosis

The Suggestible Mïnd

The Hypnotic
The Glossary

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Sleeping Disorders Guide
Sleeping Disorders Guide

Trance Dance       is a metaphor which exemplifies the
Interpersonal Hypnotic Dance which takes place between individuals everyday, everywhere!   It incorporates the ability to view our everyday experiences in the light of their associated Trance Phenomena, along with the ability to take charge of it!
For every experience that one finds oneself involved in, is actually a form of Trance, be it internally subjective or externally interpersonal!


            There are always two forces warring against each other deep within the Mïnd.
One force tells us to do those things we should not,
While the Other urges us to do those things we should
. . .The things that seem the most difficult!
      «Trance Dance» techniques of Hypnosis turn those warring forces of conflict, into forces of  «Creative Power» deep within the Mïnd;  ones which command
those hidden seeds in the soil of our reality to build a full, rich, and
Indomitable Life! "

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  • Whãt is  Hypnosis ?

    " Hypnosis  is best described as Influential Communication ! "

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  • Whãt is  Çlinical  Hypnosis ?

    " The skillful application of words and gestures in the treatment of disorders, disease and/or psychopathology ! "

«Medicine» «Dental» «Education»
«Sports» «Business» «Psychotherapy»


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  • Those  Çommon  Misconceptions   about Hypnosis !

    " To the untrained eye, the Trance Phenomenon can be unusual at least and spooky at most ! "

    See The Mÿth!
  • Örigins of the  Hypnotic  Mÿth !

    " In Greek mythology Hypnos (in Latin, Somnus) was the god of Sleep ! "

T H E     T R A N C E

The Human Unconscious
  • Hypnosis   In Çontext !

    " All forms of Hypnosis are based upon the assumption that . . . "

  • See The Bynum Scale Of Hypnosis
  • Human  Hypnotic  States !

    "The Trance State is on a continuum from being relaxed, all the way to Negative Visual or Audible Hallucinations !"

  • 'Dissociation'

      'Catalepsy'   'Ideodynamic Responses' 'Analgesia'
    / 'Anesthesia'
    'Amnesia' 'Time Distortion' 'Age Regression'

    The Nerves
  • Hûman  Brain  Architecture !

    " Unchanged for over 40,000 years ! "

  • The Human Mïnd
  • The  Mental  Factors & Facts !

    " Since very early times;  humans have believed that their behavior was controlled by a soul, a spirit, or a rational system ! "

    The Hidden Observer
  • Architecture of the  Hûman Psychè !

    " The Hûman Psychè can be divided into theree basic parts:
    Ego, Id and the SuperEgo ! "

    Click here to see the page on the NeuroPsychological Basis For Hypnosis
  • The NeuroPsychological Basis for Hypnosis !

    " Any Neural Network can be excited by other Neural Networks !  "

    T H E    D A N C E

    The Suggestible Mïnd
  • The Suggestibility of Man !

          " Every psychologically important event, whether a sensation, perception, memory, thought, or emotion is conceived to be the flow of activity within a given Neural Network  ! "

    The Specialized Techniques
  • Specialized Induction Techniques !

    Special Trance Inductions
    Trance  Dance  Hypnosis
      Self-Hypnosis   Hypñoidizatiôn Wakïng Hypnôsis
    Slèéping Hypnosis Ñarco Hypnösis TranceTherapy

  • Disengagement of Trance Phenomena !

    T R A N C E    D A N C E

    The uses of Trance in the "Dance of Life"

    Personal  History

    Reframing Symptom Prescriptions Therapeutic Metaphores
    Anxiolytic Antidepressant Interpersonal
    Self-Esteem Poly Substance Abuse Sexual Dysfunction

    C O N C L U S I O N

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