Deep  Trance
( Levels 21- 24)
Self-Hypnotic  Trance
Levels 21 - 24
(Levels 21- 24)


      Described as being in a continuum of Levels 21 thru 24, this early stage of deep trance is the most beneficial and productive of Trance States for the Trance Dance Student.   Such Hypnotic States as these are established in those subjects who are capable of opening their eyes during the Trance, (at the request of the hypnotist or within the state of Self-Hypnosis), while simultaneously maintaining their already established state of Dissociation.    This is a required level of Trance for the successful accomplishment of Self-Hypnotic Learning & Study Techniques, as well as Creative Visualization, Self-Image Thinking, Meditation and Miracle Making exercises that are taught in the Personal Training CD and DVD series.

        For the hypnotist, this is the desired state of Hypnosis to reach when efforts are made to establish Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, to be inacted upon by the subject immediately after the session or prior to the next session.

      Unusual Post-Hypnotic Suggestions may be acted upon by the subject at this level of Trance.   Examples of the like are suggestions of Dreams the subject will have the evening after the Trance session, or perhaps in between the present and the time of the next session.   This is also the preferred level for the beginning of Self Image Thinking and the production of a personalized Central Self-Image.  At this level of Trance, Therapeutic Hypnosis Becomes Very Effective.